Friday, November 25, 2011

Les Misérables

I finally read Hugo. To attempt some sort of original review would be superfluous. All I can say is a few thoughts that it stirred in me, which are related to the current context of my life. The same would be true, but different, for anyone else.

1. Everyone has a need out of which they act. To judge actions of people in society at first glance is to not UNDERSTAND, to not EMPATHIZE.

2. The conditions and absurdities of society separate us from others. Sometimes this is by chance, sometimes from misunderstandings. Often these separations cannot be repaired in the context of relationship, but just as often they can. Regardless, redemption is an internal process, and it is the interior work that is where we touch what others refer to as divinity (and what I refer to as the energy of love).

3. I have no use for the categorical imperative or "duty". Morality is not a universal concept, love is. In society, morality or duty trumps love. Therefore I reject that society as morality and duty are defined arbitrarily.  Love is the ultimate, and Javert's attempt at being irreproachable is quite often how society approaches religion. We destroy lives in the name of duty or morality. The actions of love, peace and social justice seek understanding, which is far more important and goes far deeper towards the depths of the soul than any attempt at having the most "morally upstanding society".

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This is the third or fourth time I have read the book. Always discover something I missed before. It can be a distracting read where Mr. Hugo rambles on at times. I will read it again.