Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The best analogy I've ever seen on the Palestinian multi-state solution

My friend Amoona M. told this story of the Palestinian occupation in simple language while debating a Zionist. As another of her friends said "sometimes you need to talk in child-like language to get Zionists to understand". hahaha Here's the piece from Amoona:

Ok, let me tell you a story...

You live with your family (parents and siblings) in your house. One day, I come and tell you give me one room, because I don't have anywhere else to go. Your parents say ok, but you don't really agree.

I come in, and while acting as if I'm occupying just the room your parents gave me, I start occupying two other rooms. Your parents say nothing, but you and your siblings start going crazy, because I am little by little chasing you from your rooms.

One day, your parents die. At that moment, you only have two rooms left in that big house that was initially yours, and I'm occupying the rest of it. Your brother has one room, and your sister the other one. They don't agree with each other on how you all should deal with me.

(By the way, none of them are 100% reliable.)

I claim everywhere that you all are attacking me, that I'm trying to live peacefully in my house, and in the meantime, I sometimes enter in your sister's room, and put some of my stuff to occupy it slowly, and sabotage your brother's room to weaken him and take his room.

And someone comes, and tells you well, if you want to leave peacefully, then leave that house, and go build a little cabin to your brother in one corner of the garden, and another one for your sister in the other corner of the garden. And that someone wants you to get satisfied of this solution, otherwise it would mean that YOU don't want peace.

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